Spring in Huntington

I'm working so hard on my book now.

It keeps growing and growing and getting cooler and cooler--it's going to be a whole new world. I'm inventing a new universe, with a new planet, country, city, and people. It's such an exciting, fun project. I just have to be patient, work hard, and put it together.

Afterward, I'll concentrate all my energy on selling and marketing it, which will be the second part of the journey, a whole different adventure.

It's really beautiful, here, in Huntington. The weather gets warmer every day, and the flowers are blooming. I've got this lovely, spacious office with the trees outside. Nobody bothers me. My mom's super-quiet, and does her thing, my loud Italian lawyer father is away at work all day long. I've got the library, the town; it's the perfect place to spend the next few months working until I finish my book.