Massification of the Modern University

In discussing the 'massification' of the modern university in my Telecommunications 101 discussions for the class 'Living in the Age of Information,' we brought up the topic of the monstrous endowments held by some of today's national research universities. Please find below a link to the top 50 U.S. universities rated by endowment.

Below, from the Harvard website, you'll find a kind of promotional informational on the history and significance of Harvard's $25 billion endowment.

A link to an interesting article in the Economist, can be found here:

"Traditional universities are being forced to compete for students and research grants, and private companies are trying to break into a sector which they regard as “the new health care”. The World Bank calculates that global spending on higher education amounts to $300 billion a year, or 1% of global economic output. There are more than 80m students worldwide, and 3.5m people are employed to teach them or look after them."

We're talking big money here--what are some of the implications?