Proposed Fall Schedule

I'm experiencing the nightmare of trying to fit a spacious one-bedroom apt.'s worth of stuff into a microscopic dorm room, (I pulled everything out of storage over the week-end). I'm a stressball right now because this is the last thing in the world I want to be dealing with, yet I can't get my life organized--particuliarly, all my creative files--till this is sorted out. With luck, I might manage to battle my monstrous mound of stuff into obedience by the end of tomorrow.

Anyway, I have secured my list of classes I'll be auditing as a contingent of my T540 Ind Study, (which I'll be taking in addition to T540 Video Game Writing, T570 Art, Entertainment & Information, and my duties as AI for T101 Living in the Age of Information).

1. Tel 284, with Herber
2. Tel 361, with Herber
3. FArts 330, with Powers

I think this combination represents an effective diaspora of technical vs. creative elements which hopefully will fuse in my brain as I try to get up to speed with the principles of making new media art.