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Survivors! is proud to announce our latest press updates!: has been working it's collective butt off to maintain our steady rise toward becoming one of the strongest game video sites in the world. We're able to continue this excellent track record of solid work because we were clearly the best and most able prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse. Our bunker is 100% fortified and re-enforced for the long haul, and we have total access to the best editing suites and gaming consoles left intact after the undead arose and swarmed across the planet....

Read on our fellow humans, learn what we do to keep our work so good when zombies are making the world so bad.

Eric Holmes: Lead Designer of Prototype:
You saw us interview Chris Ansell, now hear what Eric has to say about the groundbreaking Prototype game--
our talented editor, Austin Reedy, worked on both cuts for several months, striving to portray the gritty, urban, paranoid, brutal quality of the game. Due out in Feb of 2009, Prototype is already garnering Game of the Year buzz.

Emotiv - a Exclusive Interview

We are proud to present an exclusive video interview with Nam Do, CEO of Emotiv Systems, whose cutting edge headset technology promises to change the face of gaming forever, (is it telepathic human-computer interface?). Creative Director/Executive Producer: Spencer Striker, Produced by Tyler Mager, motion graphics by Leetal Halamish, music remixed by Chris Bates, VJ'd by Jessica Frasher, and edited by the legendary Ben McGill of the GZ crew.

Fusion Fall - a Exclusive Interview

GameZombie's own FeistylilAsian, aka Jessica Frasher, sits down with Chris Waldron, executive producer of the Cartoon Network's Fusion Fall, discussing the challenges and joys of adapting a pantheon of inimitable characters to the MMORPG format, creating a world of fun for kids. has just been named
an official YouTube Partner! This is a top honor only awarded to prolific producers of original content. Check out the beautiful new branded banner that our brilliant designer, Rory Starks, created for our YouTube page! has just made a glorious return from E3
. Coming soon we've got exclusive interviews with some of the most exciting personalities in the business, including the one and only Cliff Bleszinski, Design Director at Epic Games, Fatal1ty, Angry Video Game Nerd, and Ed Boon of MK vs. DC fame. We've also got exclusive footage of some of the hottest games coming out later this year. Stay tuned, we'll be keeping you well informed when these awesome videos get into "teh internetz".

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